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Shower Repairs Sydney

At Grand Bathrooms, we specialise in both affordable shower replacement and repairs that can come as the result of issues ranging from cracked or damaged tiles, a leaking shower, and other issues stemming from the build-up of mould and mildew in wet areas.


All of these different issues can be major warning signs that water may be causing damage to two different things: the structure of your home and your family’s overall health. These are signs that should never be ignored. If you suspect any of these issues, do not hesitate to contact Grand Bathrooms and allow us to take care of them before they become major problems.


We will work hard to provide an effective shower repair solution thanks to our great waterproofing system. Our highly-skilled team constantly stays up to date with all of the latest technological advancements in terms of waterproofing products, using only the best polyurethane flexible rubber-based membranes to help prevent water leakage.


When it comes to working alongside the best manufacturers and using only the finest products to completely prevent water from penetrating, Grand Bathrooms is truly at the forefront. We are also proud to offer a seven-year written guarantee of both our workmanship and all of our products.


Here are the steps that we take to ensure a successful job:

  • Completely removing water taps and shower heads
  • Undertaking a plumbing test to ensure that all washers and taps are completely satisfactory
  • Completely removing the shower screen
  • Completely removing one to two rows of wall tiles, inside and top hob tiles, and floor bed tiles
  • Performing a patch render if it is required
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