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Types of Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain or Ceramic

Porcelain or Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are made from a clay mixture. The mixture is pressed to make the desired shape and heated at extremely high temperatures to form a tile. These tiles can be glazed for use in a bathroom.

They’re available in different patterns, sizes, shapes, and colors. A modern method for glazing these tiles is fusing high definition digital images on their surface. This makes them more decorative.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Tiles made of natural stone are generally rough and ideal for use in a contemporary or rustic bathroom.

They’re not waterproof, thus they require an impervious membrane to make them withstand the moist condition of bathrooms.

Give us a call to learn more about these contemporary natural stone tiles. They are sure to give you a stunning new look.



Tiles made of glass are quite elegant and luminous. They’re available in different colors and custom hues. These tiles are often used to create focal points on bathroom walls.

They are also used in bathroom wall mosaics. Glass tiles resist staining and are impervious to water.

They are ideal for use on floor areas with low traffic and on walls.



Marbles are natural stones obtained naturally from limestone. Marble tiles are traditional and sophisticated.

They come in different sizes and may be polished. They can be veined or patterned to add an interesting touch to the bathroom.



These tiles are made from different materials and decorated or embossed with different patterns or images such as stripes, birds, and leaves.

They are ideal for a mosaic, mural or a border. They can also be used as a bathroom accent.



This stone is typically harder than most naturally available stones. Granite tiles come in different textures and colors.

They are ideal for floors areas with high traffic and countertops. Granite tiles give you a classy finish and are have high resistance to abrasions.



Limestone is yet another natural stones used for making tiles.

The surface of limestone tiles is honed, and they’re available in yellow, brown, and beige hues.

They are perfect for flooring and countertops.



These tiles are fired at a low temperature.

They are non-vitreous, low-density, and only ideal for use in dry areas. They may be glazed for use in a bathroom.

These tiles are pretty versatile and are becoming popular in Australian homes.



These tiles are typically made from a solid metal. They’re also made from resin coated with a metal.

Metal tiles come in finishes such as copper, stainless steel, and bronze. They are typically used as a bathroom accent alongside other tile varieties.



This is a form of limestone which is obtained naturally from minerals. These minerals are usually dissolved in underground water and pushed by water through the crust to form travertine. This stone has multiple layers.

Travertine tiles have earthy colors. They offer a sophisticated look when used on bathroom floors and walls.



These tiles are made from a mortar and cured sand mixture.

Cement-bodied tiles are non-vitreous and durable.

Some have a rough-hewn look while others have a sport smooth finish. They provide a natural look to the bathroom.



Saltillo tiles are a type of terracotta tile. They are dried rather than being fired. They originate in Saltillo, Mexico.

They are non-vitreous and low-density.

These tiles are rough textured and their natural imperfections make them ideal for adding a rustic charm. However, they’re permeable.



This stone has a fine texture. It is made from a clay and shale mixture which is transformed by pressure and heat.

Their surface is textured and this makes them slip-resistant. They are ideal for countertops, walls, and floors.



Quarry tiles are thrust and heated at extremely high temperatures.

They can be either vitreous or semi-vitreous.

They are fired unglazed and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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A 5-Point Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is a wet room due to the regular pouring of water when we are taking a bath. And therefore, one is required to be careful when choosing the appropriate tiles to fix in the bathroom.

This is because some tiles are not able to withstand the high moisture; hence they end up spoiling within a short period of usage.

To avoid extra expenses of replacing your damaged tiles, take your time first and learn about different tiles on the market, their pros and cons as well before you purchase them.

What to Know About the Different Tiles

Tiles that are highly porous like the terracotta and slate are not ideal for bathrooms since they tend to suck the water which in return damages them.

But some manufacturers have come up with new designs of these two types of tiles which are water resistant making them ideal for use in the bathroom.

Therefore, before you choose either of the models, make sure you ask whether they are suitable for bathrooms or not. Apart from asking about the best tiles to use for the bathroom area, some of the features that you can watch out for when purchasing your tiles are; the level of resistant.

The tiles should be water, slip, and stain resistant. To make them more durable ensure that you use a sealant on the grout lines when installing the tiles.

Other types of tiles that are ideal for bathrooms are granite and marble tiles. Note that there are two types of granite and marble tiles and if you are buying for your bathroom, ensure they are made of non-slippery material.

Well, before you even purchase the right tiles for your bathroom, there are some essential things that you need to consider for you to be able to make the right decision.

Things to Consider Before Tiling your Bathroom

  • Design

First off, you need to decide on how you want your bathroom to look like. Do you need tiles that add different features or patterns to your bathroom? These are some of the crucial questions to ask yourself so you can be able to select the right designs for the tiles to complete your desired look.

  • Your Budget

The budget that you have set aside will determine the kind of tiles to buy. Also, the budget will be influenced by the size of your bathroom.

If the bathroom is large, be prepared to spend more as compared to a small bathroom.

The type of tiles that you need determines the budget to spend on some tiles such as marble cost more as compared to the regular ones.

  • Durability

You don’t need to buy tiles that will only last for a short time. So, ensure that you entirely focus on the quality of the tiles.

Make sure the tiles are nonporous, and the texture is easy to clean as well.

  • The Material

One of the materials to avoid when choosing your bathroom tiles is the polished material. Such tiles are quite slippery hence not ideal for the bathroom floor.

Ensure the material is water resistant and not smooth. One of the most recommended elements for bathroom floor is the Honed matt.


To ensure the tiling is professionally done, hire an expert to do the job for you.

If you are not an experienced tile installer, avoid handling the work since it is not an easy task and requires the appropriate techniques to complete the job.

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