You can easily snake the drain of your bathroom sink as long as you have the right instructions and tools. However, in case the blockage is not within the pipe section in the wall, then you can easily remove it without using a snake.


snake the drain of bathroom sink


Here’s how to clear a clogged drain. First, check the location of the clog as follows:

Check the Popup Assembly

Waste build-up and hair may get trapped around the popup stopper. As a result, the sink may drain water slowly or fail to drain at all. You can remove the popup stopper by detaching it from beneath the sink.

Once done, pull it off the sink. Next, clean it and attach it back to the sink. Then test your sink to check whether the blockage is cleared. If not, try the next tip.


Check the Drain Trap

First, disconnect the drain trap of your bathroom sink and check whether it’s clear. To remove it, check for any nut holding it in place. Simply unscrew any nuts, then pull the drain trap downwards to detach it.

You can put a bucket below the sink drain when removing the trap to catch water that may spill when removing the trap.

Once you’ve removed the drain trap, check it for blockage. If you find any blockage, clear it thoroughly. Sometimes, items such as hair bands, toothpaste caps, and other small items fall into the sink drain trap. Removing them will get rid of the clog for the sink to drain smoothly.


Check the Sink’s Trap Arm

In case the sink’s drain trap and pop-up compartment don’t have a clog, then you’ll need to check the sink’s trap arm. It might be glued on the sink, but most trap arms are held in place with nuts. Loosen the nut and detach the sink’s trap arm from the wall.

Now, look through the drain to check whether you can see a visible clog within the drain pipe before the section it goes into the wall. In case you can see any visible blockage, remove it. In case you don’t find any blockage, you’ll need to use a drain snake to remove the clog.


Snaking the Drain

You can easily access the sink drain pipe with the sink trap and the trap arm detached from the sink. Position yourself while holding the snake right at the sink drain pipe opening. Use a top drain snake for any bathroom sink, unless the blockage is extremely tough to clear.

Remember to wear appropriate work gloves before snaking the drain. Once done, insert the snake into the sink drain pipe. Do it slowly while holding it firmly. Allow it to clean the clog thoroughly.

If there’s another sink connected to the one you’re snaking, ensure to push the snake through the pipe rather than going into the sink trap of the other bathroom sink.

Basically, snaking it up to 10 inches will be enough for the sink since the drain pipes connect into a nearby toilet drain. However, this may depend on where the blockage is located. If you not sure, read this article on how to use a drain snake.


Some Tips for Snaking the Drain:


Ensure the snake is placed close to your drain. More slack will result in challenges in controlling the snake. Although it may be tricky to place it close to your drain where space is limited, keeping it closer will minimize the chances of the cable being tangled up.

Also, remember to keep some rags handy for cleaning the snake when pulling it back. Doing this will prevent sludge from messing your bathroom when extracting the snake.

You can find small and affordable power snakes and hire them for some few hours. Additionally, you can find an inexpensive snake drum that you can connect to a regular power drill.


Checking the Drain

Upon snaking the sink drain of your bathroom, you can put everything back together. Then check whether water is flowing smoothly. In case the blockage is still there, snake the drain again while going deeper into the drain to remove the clog.

Once the drain is completely unclogged, check whether there are any leaks at the joints. You can do this by filling your sink with water and allowing it to drain at once.