Sinks made of concrete are trending in most home improvement projects, and most modern kitchens have these sinks. You can also transform your bathroom in the next remodel project by using a concrete sink made of the design you want.

These sinks come with multiple benefits and their own share of shortcomings. Know what you are investing in before starting the remodel project and you will get a more valuable and comfortable bathroom.


The Sizes and Shapes Available


Different Shapes Concrete Sinks


Fixtures made of concrete can be designed into any shape you would want. All that matters is for the contractor to be able to design a form that has the appropriate scale, shape, and enough support for the concrete tub or sink to be made.

Some contractors can create the fixture off-site, making it possible to utilize special tools such. This avoids messing your home if the product would be made onsite.

You’ll come across some limitations in style and design. If a concrete slab is made beyond the standard width, length, and depth limits, then its durability and stability will be limited.

Standard measurements are a maximum of 7 x 3 foot and a depth of 0.75-1.5 inch. Highly-skilled craftsmen would use dropping edges to give the sink a thicker appearance such that the lips can easily slide over a cabinet below.

This will reduce the weight of the sink and capture substantial aesthetics.


Benefits of Concrete Sinks for a Bathroom Renovation


Having Concrete Sinks in Bathrooms


Most homeowners see value in having sinks or vanities made of concrete. This is especially so when they are planning to have a custom sink in the bathroom. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by going for sinks made of concrete:

  • Affordable– Concrete offers more value than sinks made of natural stone like marble or granite. Although concrete is more costly that traditional or porcelain sinks, a custom concrete bath sink is more affordable than you might think.
  • Personalization– A concrete tub or sink can be painted using a color of your choice or have it inlaid using a specific pattern to give it a more personalized look. Adding aggregates such as glass bits, shells, and colored stone will add style and it will blend well with the room’s décor and theme. You will be amazed to realize that these sinks look like stylish sidewalks made of natural and sleek rock.
  • Quite low maintenance– Their countertop should be sealed just before or after installation. Reapply the seal after every ten years. Just like other countertops and sinks made of stone, concrete requires regular waxing to maintain its shine and protect it further.
  • Adaptability– Skilled craftsmen should be able to create sinks of different sizes. If you want to have a sink made in a specific size or you want it to create a vessel or waterfall effect, then consider going for a concrete made sink. You can do some online research for more inspiration and ideas on different sink designs. You will be surprised to find the high number of options available.
  • Strength– Concrete makes extremely strong products that can last up to six decades as long as they are well maintained. Concrete is perfect for powder rooms and family bathrooms alike. Slabs made of concrete take abuse without being worn out easily.
  • One piece appearance– Most homeowners prefer combing a vanity top and the sink or forming a pedestal using a concrete made sink. This makes it a smooth and seamless bathroom fixture. The sink delivers a stunning and elegant look as it adds a unique sense of décor and style in your bathroom.
  • Easy to repair– It’s quite easy to reseal, repair, or patch concrete. Whether you want to fix a problem or redecorate, it’s straightforward to change things up with concrete.


Disadvantages of Concrete Sinks for a Bathroom Remodel


Concrete Sinks for Use


Just like with other types of building materials, concrete isn’t perfect. Actually, some homeowners dislike something that looks kind of bulky while others are unsure about quality assurance offered by concrete. Here are some disadvantages you should consider before investing in these sinks:

  • Variances– In case you liked the color that came with your friend’s or neighbor’s sink, or you want a replica of a model you saw in a showroom, then don’t expect too much. This is because concrete comes with a unique finish in different projects. It is almost impossible to replicate the exact shading and color of another concrete made sink. This is due to variances in concrete.
  • Scheduling– This sink may take two weeks or more to cure. Such a lengthy period may push your remodel schedule far beyond the regular standards. If you need this sink, then consider this factor when planning for a home remodel project. Although this is not much of a problem, concrete might not be a good option when the project schedule is tight.
  • Cracking– One of the main concerns about concrete products among homeowners who are not well informed about concrete is cracking. Although cracking causes some problems, hairline cracks, for instance, are just natural and don’t really affect the strength and stability of the sink, vanity top, or tub. However, larger cracks may pose a big problem especially with appearance and stability.
  • Naturally porous– Concrete is naturally porous. A sealer should be applied on the sink to protect it from stains and moisture. Liquid spills should always be wiped off as soon as they occur using a natural cleaner. You should always avoid placing extremely hot pans and pots on a concrete surface. Of course pots and pans would hardly find their way into your bathroom, but it is worth pointing it out.
  • Seams– Your contractor may use seams incase the design of your bathroom will make it necessary to use slabs that are larger than the standard sizes mentioned earlier. The gaps that will be found between the slabs should be filled with epoxy of a matching color. However, the gaps may still present spots for potential weakness in future and might break visible lines within that area.

Sinks made of concrete are trending across the home remodel industry. They are now popular in most modern kitchens and bathrooms across Australia.

You can easily transform your bathroom with an elegant concrete sink of your preferred design and style. These sinks have multiple benefits but come with some few challenges.

Always know what you are investing in before starting to work on the remodel project and you will end up more satisfied with the outcome.


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