Small Budget Bathroom Renovations in Inner West Sydney

bathroom renovation project in sydney

A Guide on Renovating Bathrooms in Sydney‘s Inner West

Although the bathroom is a small room, it can cost quite a lot to renovate. However, if it is well renovated, then it can enhance the value of your home.

Bathroom Design

You should start with coming up with a design if you want the renovation to be a success. Reusing the existing design is not enough. Your goal should be coming up with a design that considers the people who will be using the bathroom.

It is also good to consider global standards and general use such as having a design that can be practical for people who have limited mobility like the disabled or the elderly. This will make it easier to sell the home in case you decide to move in future.

When designing, consider window or light space, drainage options, and the size of the fixtures. Draw a plan and make a list of all the fittings you want and check whether they fit. Note that moving existing fixtures may add to the cost of renovation.

Bathroom Remodel

You can choose to do it yourself or leave some tasks to an expert. If the home was built before the 80s, then its wall linings may have asbestos or lead based paint, thus take care when remodeling such walls. You would need special equipment such as eye protection, dust mask, and full body overalls.

The Renovation Process

Step 1: Electrical and Plumbing Work

Start with installing electrical wires, drainage and water pipes. Be careful when positioning pipes and plumbing fittings. Consider the tile thickness when positioning pipes.

This is to ensure they will be in a correct position once you are done renovating. When installing electrical wires, ensure they are not connected to power. Only connect them to power when everything is in place.

Step 2: Installing Ceiling and Wall Linings

When installing the wall lining, avoid nailing the board into electrical wires and pipes. If you will be tiling your bathroom from the floor to the ceiling, then install ceiling lining after tiling. Ensure you check that everything is correctly installed before going on with the work.

Step 3: Waterproofing the Bathroom

Waterproof the floor and shower recess. Ensure the waterproofing is 100mm above the walls.

Install an aluminium angle at the bathroom’s doorway. Glue it with silicone. Ensure all water goes down the drain and does not stagnate on the floor.

Step 4: Laying the Cement

Before installing floor tiles, lay down cement and sand mixture and add some waterproofing agent to the mixture.

Ensure the floor is level and slightly falls towards the drainage. Use a level to ensure the floor is level and smooth. Let the floor dry before laying the tiles.

Step 5: Laying the Tiles

Start with laying the floor tiles and add grout. Once done, lay the wall tiles. Ensure they are all level while laying them. Grout all the tiles and buff them clean.

Step 6: Installing Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings

Install plumbing fixtures such as taps. This is also the moment to install soap holders and towel rails. Also fit in the vanity and ensure it is leveled.

Seal it with quality silicone. Ensure everything is in its right place prior to drilling into the tiles.

Step 7: Paint and Clean

You can now paint the ceiling or the wall in case your wall does not have tiles. Once the paint dries, clean up the bathroom and enjoy the new look of your bathroom.

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