A bathroom, also referred to as a water closet or shower area, is one of the most important rooms in a home. In some cases, the bath/shower and the toilet are designed to be within one room, especially in smaller houses where space is limited, while others are separated.

In earlier years, the bathroom toilet was typically placed within a booth that had a door and this booth was known as a WC (water closet). This is because a water tank would be fitted on the overhead wall and gravity would push the water down into the toilet.


Designing Bathroom from Beginning


Bathrooms of the modern age have evolved. Today’s advancements in bathroom design demand extra space. Some modern bathrooms in Sydney are large like a living room. This is partly due to a combination of tubs, showers and even spas in modern designs.

Bathrooms are now becoming a room where an individual can have leisure to relax the body and mind, just like how entertainment relaxes the mind. However, bathroom remodels done on budget don’t include high-end bathroom fixtures. Some of the high-end fixtures include:


Soaker Tub


Bathtub Designs for Bathrooms


Just like its name suggests, a bathroom is where most people take a bath. However, today’s bathrooms are far from the metal and porcelain-baked shells of earlier years. Newer tubs are no longer made of rectangle tanks that fire water jets. They are now like a small swimming pool with multiple features. They are not only used for bathing but also for having fun and relaxing the mind. Modern soaker tubs include:


1) Air Massage


Rather than blasting jets of hot water, some modern designs have a mechanism of forcing warm air through tiny holes that are 50 to 125 in number.

The warm air creates an effect of a full body rolling massage. The user decides the strength and pressure of the air bubbles through an easy-to-use control mechanism.


2) Air Jets

Another system that utilizes hot air to give a massage-like effect is use of air jets therapy. This technique is different from earlier whirlpool techniques.

Modern air jets blast hot air all over the body to give a better soothing effect than that of water jets.  Additionally, air jets are not powered by re-circulating water. Hence the bather may use salts, oils, and other therapeutics.

These jets are also advantageous in that they don’t leave water within the pipes, thereby preventing formation of mold when the jets are not used regularly.

The air blasts make the pipes clean themselves. These massage tubs are also easier to install than traditional water jets since no pumps and pipes are required to get it working.


3) Rain Forest Showers

This type of shower is unique and is fixed on the bathroom’s ceiling. It directs water drops into a soaker tub. The light water stream can be controlled to form a stream like the one that emanates from waterfalls.


4) Chromatherapeutic Lights

This system enhances the ambience of a bathroom, making the bath more relaxing. It comes with preprogrammed lighting system comprising of sequenced LED lights within the tub. When taking a bath, the lights change the scenes to add another exceptional dimension when bathing.


Steam showers


Shower Ideas for Bathrooms


Traditionally, showers were known as stalls. In the modern era, they’re bona fide, comprising of waterproof cabinets that offer an elevated showering experience.

New techniques have made it possible for showers to be exceptional. In modern showers, an individual who visits the cabinet may sit on a small cedar seat and enjoy a steam or water shower. Modern shower options include:


1) Steam Jets

One of the key features of steam jets is their powerful therapeutic effects. For instance, they assist in increasing blood circulation. The jets emit moist heat which also helps in removing toxins hidden within skin pores.

This gives a better cleansing effect than normal washing. It also assists in relaxing the muscles. Breathing in some mild steam can assist to cure colds and such other ailments.


2) Rain Shower

If you have ever been caught up in warm summer rain, you must have enjoyed the experience. The same situation can be recreated within a bathroom by using a stream shower. In this technique, a shower head pours out steamy warm water from many tiny holes.


3) Other Perks

Smart showering controls for adjusting shower jets, flat screens, audio system and chroma therapeutic lighting are also great ideas for showers. Some showers have jet-tubs such that the room can be used as a both a shower unit and bath.


Lounging and Drying Area

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to have an area for drying off. Here are some new creations you can integrate:

  • Dryer- Having some drying jets fitted in the ceiling and walls give a captivating 3D experience to dry off.
  • Massage table- Having a private masseuse at home is an expensive venture. Newer powered massage tables also give a similar experience and are more affordable than personal masseuses.
  • Lounge- You can even integrate a reading space equipped with sound systems and flat screen television to make your bath more enjoyable.


Bathroom Lighting

There are different types of lighting fixtures you can use. For instance, you can install business lights to give you close-in lighting when working on your face, either applying make-up or shaving.

You can go for sconces that offer mild-lighting and ambience and also overhead lights for filling the bathroom with soft light. Some lights are pre-programmed and adjustable for an enhanced experience.


Bathroom Flooring

Tiles are the most popularly used flooring material for bathrooms. Modern flooring techniques allow for radiant floor heating such that the floor temperature remains constant, making the user enjoy the whole bathing experience. Floor heating also keeps the floor dry and this keeps mold away.