Serious candidates who want to become bathroom renovators in Sydney will be the first to act. They’ll do thorough research on contractor licensing and insurance requirements to be met in the specific state where they will be providing remodeling services. They’ll carefully follow local and state licensing guidelines before offering any contractor services.


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Different states may have building contractor insurance guidelines and license requirements that are different in one way or another. You can easily discover state and local regulations through a simple research on the internet.

For instance, people who have an interest in becoming custom contractors in Sydney can do an internet research by simply typing “contractor license Sydney”.

Before you acquire a license, you would have to take a test to show you are knowledgeable. Such tests are typically about:

  • Constructing new bathrooms, both high-end contemporary bathroom designs and small budget designs
  • Creating bathroom designs, everything from small classic designs to modern bathroom designs
  • Bathroom repairs, renovations and installing fixtures
  • Preparing a renovation checklist
  • Developing a renovation contract
  • Local and state construction code requirements

Another factor which is crucial to success as a contractor is having experience in constructing new bathrooms and remodeling existing ones. In addition, it would be a plus to have good management, communication, architectural, and mathematical skills.

For a candidate to prove their preparedness as potential bathroom renovators, they must pass a residential contractor licensing exam.


License Exam for Custom Contractors

Wannabe remodelers have no option but to pass formal contractor licensing exam for the specific state where they are planning to offer their services. Test requirements often differ from one region to another.

For instance, in Sydney, candidates are required to have 4 or more years experience to qualify to take the licensing exam.

Acceptable construction experience to do the Sydney license test has to be within 10 years. Experience involving self employment as a contractor is accepted as long as it occurred within Sydney without possessing a residential license. Trade school or college counts for not more than three of the four years required.

Always remember that local and state building guidelines for this kind of work are always evolving.  You can stand a better chance of passing the license exam by studying just before taking it. Deck contractors in Maryland are the go to company when it comes to renovating your backyard.


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Most of the local and state exam administrators generally use similar exam formats. Most of the formats often have multiple choice quizzes that cover content found in reference books recommended for this field.

Some exam formats are online based and you can easily find exam preparation resources for free on the internet. A good tip for the multiple choice quizzes is doing an internet search using a phrase such as “contractor license exam study material”.

Individuals looking forward to becoming contractors and are researching for exam guidelines and study materials should gather as much preparation material as possible. Such revision material should include:

  • Extra information about specific trades within the construction industry, both for local and state jurisdiction. Such information should include high-end and handicapped bathroom plans and construction
  • Addresses and names of exam administrators
  • Content and type of the exam, whether it is concealed or open book
  • Time allotment for the exam
  • Scoring and grading- what is the pass mark?
  • Recommended study materials


Exam Preparation Tips

It is crucial to be well prepared for the exam to stand a better chance of succeeding. Repeating the exam can be quite expensive, frustrating, and time consuming. Candidates who are serious about successfully doing the exam in the first attempt should:

  • Read recommended books and materials from credible testing resources.
  • Ensure they are familiar with local contractor insurance and license requirements.
  • Write down important information when revising. Taking notes when reading reinforces enhances memory and reinforces learning. For instance, index cards are a perfect memory builder. You can write a question on the card’s front side and the specific answer at the back. You can study alone or have someone assist you by reading the questions loud and you give the answer.
  • Always avoid cramming. Contractors who stand a better chance of getting high scores are those who usually study for 3 or more weeks before the exam. Investing in reasonable time to study for the exam will surely pay off hugely.
  • When studying, always select a quiet atmosphere free from distraction. The area should be conducive and relaxing enough for concentration.
  • Always be familiar with local and state construction code requirements and guidelines for constructing and renovating bathrooms. You should also be aware about the requirements for constructing and renovating other residential amenities.
  • Obtain information bulletins regarding the exam. You can get such bulletins from different examination administrators across Sydney.

Wannabe renovation contractors are advised to find out much in advance whether the examination will be open book or not and whether referencing books would be supplied during the exams or if the candidates will carry their own materials.


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Information bulletins contain pertinent information regarding the license examination preparation. This information includes:

  • Candidate eligibility and the relevant fees.
  • State and local guidelines for the contractor license.
  • Registration procedures such as mail, telephone, fax, and internet.
  • Site locations for the exam.
  • Procedures for reporting to the exam site, including security procedures and ID requirements.
  • Tips on using the exam computers.
  • Score or grade reporting.
  • Tips for preparing for the exam.
  • Exam preparation book list.
  • Exam registration form.
  • Sample questions.
  • Exam content outline.

Adequate exam preparation includes reading through suggested books on the construction industry, manuals for bathroom contractors, reference books on construction code, and any other construction related tools that are pointed out in the bulletin.

These reading resources can be easily found in local or online libraries or you can buy them from community college and retail bookstores. You may also order reading materials from online stores but they can take 2 or more weeks to arrive. Thus, plan to buy them much in advance.

You can easily find online stores with great offers on books and this could assist you to make huge savings. You can even make savings of 60-80 percent when compared to regular prices.

If you buy reference books that are listed on bulletins, you will have better learning resources, both for examination preparation and bathroom remodeling referral.

If the exam will be in an open-book format, and books will be supplied during the examination, the bulletin will notify the candidates not to carry their own books. However, if books will not be supplied, any books that are brought by candidates would be searched.

Candidates who may be found hiding referral materials might have them confiscated. In an open book exam, the focus is usually on researching in a timely manner to find the correct answers versus memorizing the answers.

Some regions hold monopolies over the licensing process such that they may not list the exam preparation resources on public websites. In such instances, contractor applicants should contact their licensing agent for specific reading material list.

You can request for the book title, ISBN number, author and publisher name, publication year, and the edition.


Tips for Potential Bathroom Renovation Contractors

After passing the remodeling licensing exam, obtain the license and ensure you meet all the insurance requirements. Once you are done, you’re ready to start working as a bathroom renovator in Sydney.

Note that each state may have its own requirements for insurance and you must meet all the requirements. These requirements include workers’ compensation and general insurance requirements for contractors.

Serious contractors will have their own tools and equipment for the work and set up a reference material library. Other resources that might be helpful, besides the books recommended by bulletin guidelines, should be included in the library.

Also include design manuals for home spas and books touching on both small and large modern bathroom designs. Ideas on constructing high-end bathrooms and those done on a tight budget should also be included in the resource library.

It is advisable for any contractor to enhance and broaden their skills on remodeling by getting additional credentials that are related to construction.

Earning credentials on works such as electrical, plumbing, gypsum dry walls specialty, spa or pool servicing, and storage systems would be a plus. Getting certifications in additional specialties would be cheaper and easier than initial license exams.

A one day class generally costs below $200 and exams fees are approximately $50. There are no extra insurance requirements. Also, there will be no extra fees for maintaining additional certifications.

Serious Sydney bathroom renovation experts may sign up for architecture classes to stand a better chance of qualifying for a management position with hefty pay rise.

Contractors can also enroll in other classes with the aim of increasing their skills and earnings. Such classes include designer courses involving sophisticated bathroom designs and luxurious spa design ideas for homes.