Regardless of what your project involves, be it DIY bathroom renovation, custom contractor services or trendy bathroom designs, ideas for remodeling are something every homeowner cannot get enough of.



New Trends on Bathroom Designs

The newest trends for bathroom designs in modern homes and construction of high-end bathrooms present more versatility than in the past.

Bathroom only decors are no longer the norm. Modern trends in designing bathrooms include designer appeal combined with space efficiency and spiced with an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.


Read on through these hottest remodeling ideas for your bathroom to make your dream bathroom a reality:


  • Ideas on bathroom windows are the soul porthole of a bathroom. Creatively designed and well-placed windows would make any bathroom appear larger and add warmth and natural lighting in the space. Trendy window ideas would also add atmosphere and character to the room.


  • Trendy spa ideas for a home bathroom include roof windows and skylights. Roof windows offer unique ventilation to the space whereas skylights are a great way of lighting up smaller bathrooms.


  • Current remodeling ideas focus on enhancing energy efficiency in the room. You should select models and materials that come with energy efficient qualities such as high insulation ratings and minimal energy usage.


  • Installing heated flooring is a recent trend for any high-end construction and for modern bathrooms. It adds luxury, warmth, and comfort especially on a chilly morning.


  • Wall mount TV screens are becoming a popular trend for dream bathrooms. They are especially ideal for the master bathroom and a home spa. You can integrate them while renovating your bathroom to make it a dream modern space.


  • Another new trend is installing multiple mirrors. They create an extremely captivating effect in any bathroom space. You can combine smaller mirrors to create a favorite pattern or a reflective wall mural using mirrors of different shapes. Mirrors with wooden frames are a popular choice.


  • Speaking of wooden mirror frames, trends and design ideas for bathroom renovation are always evolving. Wood is increasingly becoming an integral component in constructing high-end bathrooms. It is used in mirror frames, laundry bins, borders and more. Qualities that come with wood offer designer appeal. Using wood in contemporary designs helps in softening echo and hard bathroom sounds. It also makes the room look more inviting.


  • Remodeling options for color can include neutral colors such as tans, olives, pale, and beiges. When thinking neutral, think earth, think natural.


  • Another current trend is installing filtering showerheads. Users of advanced and modern shower heads enjoy having healthier and supple hair when they use them regularly.


  • Going green is recommended since green trends embrace environment friendly options when remodeling a home amenity. They include sustainable construction materials and toilets that are low-flow.


  • Vertical spas that have water jets are another innovative and newer trend. Water is typically forced through water jets that are positioned in a manner that focuses on a group of muscles. This offers a relaxing and warm massage for an ultimate spa experience at home.


  • Bathroom tiles come in many options and designs. Today’s ceramic tiles add designer appeal and interest. Their cost effectiveness makes them a great choice for any remodeling project being done on a tight budget. You can use decorative tiles such as the backsplash, alongside other materials such as marble, granite, or plastic laminate. Use designs with contrasting colors for backsplash and edge trim when tiling the walls. You can get a dramatic mural or decorative design for the bathroom wall using colored tiles. An enhanced designed can be achieved by setting tiles diagonally. Consider going for colored grout like blue to get a dramatic appeal. Unglazed tile options are ideal for slip-resistant bathroom surface. Placing tiles to form an artwork adds splash and interest and acts as a floor accent. Ensure you protect your financial and time investment when remodeling. Modern unglazed tiles require frequent cleaning. Go for quality grout and tiles. Unless you’re an experienced tile installer, you should hire a contractor to do the work.


  • Adding windows to your bathroom can open it up and provide more warmth and natural lighting. It will also enhance the overall appearance of the room. Choose a unique accent window to create understated drama and style in smaller bathrooms. Try a round, octagon or diamond shaped window. Select a bold window to give the room a striking effect and bring the garden scene inside. You can even go for windows with unique framing or stained-glass edges to enhance the overall design.


  • Using multiple lighting can make the bathroom look trendy. Use natural, bright lighting for applying makeup and a soft dimmer lighting to give the room a relaxing feeling and ambiance.


  • Bathroom sinks with custom appeal are a great choice. You can choose from glass and metal sink basins, sinks with copper, brass, or silver fixtures and pedestal sinks.


Renovation Ideas for Homeowners with a Tight Budget



When designing a small bathroom, you can choose between a high-end design and an affordable design option. High-end design requires in-depth renovation, a lot of resources, time, and extensive work.

Affordable designs require less finances and offer easier and quicker results. Whichever idea you may have, going the DIY way can be a great option when you are working with limited finances, but if you don’t have the required skills, then hire a professional bathroom renovator.

You can easily make your dream bathroom a reality. If you are planning to do the renovation work on a tight budget, or it is a small design, then consider these aspects:

  • Update and refresh the current state of your bathroom by integrating new and modern ideas for the remodeling project. For instance, replace older fixtures with newer ones such as brass, brush nickel, or stainless options. If you want to have a seamless look, then match the fixtures such as shower knobs, toilet and door handles, and the sink.


  • Effective DIY remodeling includes painting the walls and selecting a color which complements the small design. For instance, you can choose soft mauve or lemon chiffon to get a cottage kind of style. A relaxing earth shade or fennel bronze would be ideal for a spa appeal. You can give your bathroom a classic charm or luxurious hotel look by trying Tuscan red. It is advisable for homeowners whose bathroom windows receive western and southern sunlight to select the wall colors carefully. Extremely vivid colors may appear extreme under bright, natural light. Northern and eastern exposure windows would make cool color options appear quite lifeless in the space.


  • Modern ceramic tiles demand occasional maintenance. Remodeling also includes checking the tiles for cracks and wear and re-caulking where needed. Always check whether shower area seals and other fixtures are intact.


  • Other new designs for the flooring include rugs, laminated, and vinyl designs.


  • Modern tile options are durable, easy to maintain and clean, waterproof, and contaminant and dirt resistant. They are non-allergic, thus hygienic for everyone. Ceramic tile options are affordable and add understated beauty or drama to the room. The trick to achieve such beauty is choosing appropriate tile designs. They come in many styles, shapes, grade, and size. Installing and choosing tiles can be a DIY job or you can hire a custom contractor. Skilled contractors can install the tiles properly to ensure they resist cracking, provide watertight seal and resist cracking.


  • Don’t forget to color the environment. Update the color scheme to make the space look more modern. Use bright towels, vases, curtains, and other such bathroom accessories that can liven up and brighten the space. You may also use earthy, sophisticated tones for your home spa.


  • Innovative trends focus on lights. Consider installing custom or designer lights to make the room more relaxing and feel softer.


  • Smaller bathrooms work best with several storage features. This assists in avoiding clutter around the space. Additional shelves and installing a cabinet over the toilet would be a great DIY idea to exploit when remodeling your beloved bathroom. You can go for tall and narrow vertical shelves where the space it quite tight. Such shelves maximize the little available space by extending from the floor to the ceiling.


  • Bathrooms with limited space and with country based themes would blend well with wicker or tin baskets attached on the wall. They are ideal for holing rolled-up hand and face towels, hair products, and hairbrushes among other such items.


  • Most modern design ideas incorporate countertops running across the entire wall length, complete with storage cabinets and a sink. This creates an aesthetic appeal within the room.

You can get the most out of your money by formulating a renovation checklist.

It will assist you to be more focused while planning for your small or large bathroom redesign. You can go through our online library to discover extensive remodeling advice and additional creative ideas.


Renovation Ideas for the Master Bathroom

Trendy renovation plans for master bathrooms add glamour and vitality to the existing space. With these ideas, you can create a dream bathroom that’s unique and more efficient.

For instance, you can consider ideas for enlarging the space or make it appear more spacious using bathroom windows. Windows with a wide view lets in warmth and natural light into the space. They make it look more open and appear brighter. Skylights are also ideal for making the room brighter.

If you have a spa as part of the master bathroom, then you can install awning windows to offer ample circulation of fresh air.

Ample air circulation around the room will reduce and even eliminate mildew and mold problems. You can install an electronic awning window around the spa.

Other innovative design options include grouping different sizes and shapes of mirrors along a wall. This is an affordable option of creating an illusion of a bigger space, creating a focal point, and reflecting both artificial and natural light.

Another idea is installing double vanities with two bathroom sinks to increase usability and efficiency around the room. Other trends are installing luxurious whirlpool bathtub and multiple showerheads.

Either of the two options enhances the enjoyment and efficiency of the room. If you will be actualizing these ideas on your own, you can ask for advice from an experienced contractor.

Else, hire a professional to avoid improper installations and miscalculations as this may damage existing or new features and fixtures.


Renovation Checklist for Your Bathroom

One of the most critical aspects of the checklist is having a realistic budget. Then formulate the construction design and bathroom or spa ideas that are within that budget.

Ensure to incorporate design ideas that suit your needs, including those of your family. Also, note that formal architectural design options will assist you in visualizing your remodel ideas. Most contractors for high-end designs offer free enhanced 3-D pictures on request.

Also add materials you will be using to the checklist. Note all the building supplies, fixtures, and bathroom features, including the model, brand, size, grade, series, and type of each and every item.



Include specific quantity required, cost for every unit and the total tallied cost. Total costs for all the construction materials needed should also be included.

Local and state building codes apply when doing remodeling projects that involve relocation of plumbing and knocking down the walls. Such efforts may require hiring services of professional contractors like Grand Bathroom Renovations Sydney where needed. You should include notations of such things in the checklist.

Plan and do research on ideas that will suit your requirements. Go for quality materials, the best pricing, and a qualified bathroom contractor. Doing it by yourself will require more planning and thorough research if you will want your ideas and dreams to become a reality.

Once you are done filling the checklist and selecting an ideal contractor, start preparing for the project beforehand. For instance, cover any carpet with drop cloths and remove area rugs to prevent them from being soiled and dirtied by heavy traffic. Have old rags and towels available to wipe dirty hands and boots.

This will ensure soil transfer is minimized. When doing plumbing work, keep several old pails and towels to hold off water spills.